Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honorable Mention

OK. Here's another blog I really wanted to include in my list of seven, but then it would have been eight. So, decided to do an "honorable mention". It goes to back and then.
She has been documenting her journey back to membership. Tomorrow is a big day for her. She is being re-babtized. Yay!! I'm very excited for her. So, swing by and wish her congats if you'd like.


imbeingheldhostage said...

I will-- that is so cool! Congrats to her!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to do an Honorable Mention! What an inspiring blog she has. She deserves the award for sure!

Anonymous said...

The concept is to leave a testimony to those who wonder what it is like (no you don't necessarely get excommunicated because you're evil or you're being unfairly treated by a meeeeeeeeean church), is there a way back after having been excommunicated, what does it feels like etc...
I know that there must be others who want to come back but still have doubts, not about the church or the gospel but about themself.
This is the point.
They are almost ready but they still doubts or fears and it is Satan's last tool. He knows how to use it, it is a very effective tool it has been his main one over the years.
We can't live in doubts so in the end these people may think that since they are doubting that much there must be a good reason and eventually turn their back to the church.
They are good people but Satan won anyway. And his victory is greatest because they are good people and they were that close to make the right choice.
At first I did not want to talk about too personal things but I found out that (without talking about everything) people won't be able to relate and to understand if I don't talk a little more about my trials. And if they don't relate they might not believe there is a way back.
Now that I look back I must say that I aggree that it took me courage.
Not that it was hard to humble myself or to give up certain things. The hard part that required courage has been to just jump in the unknown, trusting God that he knew I was ready and that it was really my place and trusting myself that I have grown enough to hold on for good.
Gosh I need to do a post about this *wink*