Sunday, August 24, 2008

More senseless rambling...

Does blogging count as appropriate Sabbath day activities I wonder? It's like I'm visiting with friends isn't it? Hmmmm....
I really like how several bloggers I've come across post Sabbath appropriate topics on Sunday's.
I think that's wonderful, and something I'd like to do. However, this isn't one of them. :o)
Today's topic is more random musings.
Tomorrow I am beginning the six week 100 Pushup Challenge. I came across this on the Diet Divas blog, (which I will probably join one day), and decided I am going to try this out. Hopefully in six weeks time, I will be able to do at least 25 push-ups in a row. Right now, I can do like one and a half. (pitiful no?) I took their little test the other day to see how many I could do in a row. Let me tell you, I felt it the next day in my arms and abs. So, I'm excited about this. I think it will tone many problem areas for me. So, wish me luck!
Tomorrow, the kids go back to school. Wow, I now have a fourth grader and a 1st grader. I'm looking forward to not having to go out in the middle of the day to pick Haley up after kindergarten. Seems like it usually landed at about naptime for the boys last year, so it will be a relief not to have to wake them up, and enjoy that sweet blogging time.
Tomorrow, I also get to start watching the sweet little boy of a friend from church while she attends a college course. I think he'll be a fun playmate for my guys. Hopefully they won't terrorize him. My only concern right now, is that my house is a disaster, as usual on Sunday. I'm going to be embarassed when she drops him off. Actually, she may not want to leave him in my care after she sees the way my house looks.
I had to work today, and now I have to work tomorrow too. :o( I really am lucky in that I have a pretty cushy part-time job. I get paid pretty well for the minimal amount of work required. It's fortunate too, because it allows me to work part-time for what feels like almost full time pay. Unfortunately, later this year, we will be relocating to another casino on the strip, and the company that runs the gift shop that I work for, will no longer be handling the gift shop at the new location. It's actually good that they'll be relocating, because the casino it's going to, will be a better location for the exhibit. But, I'll either be (a). out of a job, or (b). forced to take a pay cut, which will mean I'll have to work more hours for the same amount of pay. So, I guess this is good practice for me to remember what it feels like to work 5 days a week like most people.

Oh, how's this for stinky? Remember my fabulous first ever blog giveaway? Well, I sent out the prize like 2 weeks ago, and poor Tracy hasn't received it yet. What's up with that? I think it might have exploded in shipping. No really. See, when I went to ship it, I fibbed about there being flammable items in the carton (i.e. perfume) because I thought they wouldn't ship it if there was. Didn't occur to me that maybe they ask that question so that they store it in an appropriate location, like not next to a hot engine or something. So, I'm really beginning to wonder if maybe the perfume in the package didn't ignite and destroy the package. If that is the case, I just hope it didn't destroy anything else. Maybe I shouldn't be blogging about this. The FBI could be looking for me right now. LOL
So, what should I do? Poor Tracy. She probably thinks I kept the loot for myself.
Should I go out and select a few new things to send to her? What would you do?

Does anybody remember when they let their kids partake of the sacrament the first time? My girls have been bugging me to let the boys take it now that they're over a year old. I've done it the last two Sunday's, but it's not like they NEED it yet. When did you do it?

Well, I guess that's enough senseless rambling for now. Hope everyone out there has a fantastic week!!!


Anonymous said...

you know YOU can be a DIET DIVA Mikki! Just let me know! {i am the CEO of that blog...ha ha! really.. I AM.}

and GOOD LUCK with the PUSH UP challenge...i am taking it, too!!!

That is AWFUL about the Give-away getting lost in the mail! gosh!! what a bummer!!!!

Laura said...

100 push ups? Oh, you're ambitious - go for it, girl! You can do it, better you than me - LOL!

Richelle said...

Good luck with the push ups. I could probably only do one and a half, too.

As far as the sacrament. I think I started letting my son take it soon after he turned a year. I'm sure they don't really understand what it all means for a while, but once they start in nursery is a good time for them to start learning.

Rod and LaDawn said...

That would stink soooo bad if the pkg exploded! Hopefully there's just a delay. I actually sent a wedding invitation to my best friend and it didn't reach her till 2 years later!!!!!! Good thing she was in my wedding party huh?!? That's why I never send my tax returns or anything important through the mail unless it goes certified. Hope it gets there safely.