Monday, August 25, 2008

whoa-whoa, I gotta' go...back to school

Time to start another school year. I just can't believe it. Seems like we were just doing this yesterday.
My big first grader, Haley and ,
can you believe it..fourth grade for Ashley?
Ashley lucked out.
She has two of her best bud's in class with her again this year.

Haley is so excited to be going to school all day this year.

We packed a lunch for their first day. I think that's what she's looking forward to the most.
I wanted to get pictures with their teachers, at least with Haley's. But it was pretty crazy this morning. I'll try to get them after school.


Laura said...

That first day is always so exciting! I hope they have a wonderful year with many new friends.

The Foulgers said...

Wow, 2 kids in school all day, and just 2 at home. What are you going to do with yourself?

Anonymous said...

YAY! Kids Are Back In School and I am Actually LOVING it!!! How are YOU holding up??