Monday, October 20, 2008

Blessed by the Blogosphere

I went to the mailbox today and was completely surprised to find this in there. It's an adorable hand-crafted postcard from one of my favorite blogging buddies--Merrianne. This totally made my day!! Talk about blessings. Merrianne is funny, sweet, gorgeous, and the mom of two really cute, really fabulous kids--who both happen to be the same age as my two oldest.

All four of these sweet little awards came from Sher. How wonderful is she? She must know how much I like my ego stroked! LOL. Sher is a wonderful friend I have made in the bloggy world. She is beautiful, mommy to three adorable kids, and tomorrow, she is going into the studio to make a cd of her piano music--a professional cd!!! I can't wait til it's done and I can buy it. She really is fantastic.

Now this is exciting for me too. I went here the other day, and left a comment on April's blog-plus signed on to follow her blog, and look what she created for me.....

Now I just have to decide which one I'm going to use for my blog header. I really think I like the one with the red buttons the most. What do you think?

Oh, oh oh!! And, in my inbox today was an email from Rebecca--another gorgeous gal I've met through blogging. She lives in California with her hubby and two (I think it's just two) kitties. Rebecca is a great artist and poet. In her email she said she will try to stop off for a visit on her way back through town in a couple weeks!! How cool is that? To actually get to meet one of my blogging buddies!


Mother Goose said...


Christa said...

It is really exciting to meet all the faceless friends you make through the blogging community.

I like the header with the black buttons. I just like the contrast between the black and red.

The Shabby Princess said...

Look at you!!
Also, yes, call Sherlock Holmes--this mystery must be solved.

And, I like the the cream buttons best, but, they are all so cute! :)

Kristina P. said...

I saw your new header, and I LOVE it. I'm completely jealous that we read each other's blogs, so I can't steal it.

I like the second one the best.

You rock!

Amy J. said...

How do you ever choose between such cute headers!? Your week was crazy woman! Fun fun family times. My kids like your music best. When they hear it come over the computer they say, "Turn up the spooky music mom!" :)

Sher said...

I like the button with the flowers.

tammy said...


Rebecca said...

I am excited to see you!!! :)

Richelle said...

How fun! I like the header with the flowers.

Anonymous said...

mikki.... you know i had to sneak onto your blog today!! haha!

i am glad i did!!!!

you are so sweet!!!

i ♥ ya!

{{you know who this is!}}

Anonymous said...

i am glad you like your card!!! ♥

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

Definately sounds like some blog goodness has come your way! Yeah for you!

Mikki said...

You're secret is safe with me!! I won't ever tell you know who!!!!

Laura said...

Love the banners - I think the red button one is my fave too!

Good N Crazy said...

I vote for the last header!

I love that you got REALMAIL for a change? Never happens eh?

Kudos on the temple thing!

Shimmy Mom said...

Merrianne is the sweetest!
I like the header with the flowers, but they are all really cute. Isn't April amazing? She did my header too, I just have to figure out how to center it and then I'll give her credit.
It would be awesome to meet some of the friends I've made in blog land. I hope that your visit gets to happen!