Tuesday, October 7, 2008


In need of a clone to handle all my daily household duties... to include, but not limited to: doing laundry, washing dishes, picking up the general clutter that conitnues to accumulate, get dinner on the table, clean the toilets daily (esp. in the kids' bathroom), make beds.
Need a clone to tend to the children while the other clone cleans the house. Must be good with babies and elementary school homework. Read stories, play games, give razzberries.
Need a clone to deal with my blogging past-time. Must be able to give full attention to both reading and keeping up with all the blogs I enjoy, while also coming up with intereting and amusing topics to post about.
Need a clone to take care of all my "wifely duties" for those days (which means every day of the week) when I'm to tired to take care of business.
Need a clone to go to work for me four days a week. Must be friendly, knowledgable, considerate, computer literate, awake, have ability to endure boring situations.
(then I just have to decide what to do with myself first!)


Kristina P. said...

Let me know when you find one, so I can buy one too.

Christa said...

I tried using a "decoy" type of mom at my house. Kind of like a mannequin. I just stood it in the middle of the room and hoped that it would fool my family. They sniffed around it for a couple of minutes, but didn't buy it. If you find a reputable source for clones, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

oooh girl! you so funny!!!

and i love your header!!!! that is so cute!!!!


WHat exactly are "WIFELY DUTIES".... Hmmm?????

you're awesome Mikki....seriously!! ha haaaaa!!!

one of these days i'm gonna head to Vegas and you & are gonna have some FUN!

Shimmy Mom said...

I could use a few of those around here. When you figure that one out let me know!

Laura said...

You don't realize how much you do until you write it down! And I'm sure you forgot a bunch of stuff too! Show this list to your hubby and kids so you can be appreciated even more!

Sher said...

Where do I sign up?

the mama hood said...

Do they make them for childbirth? lol! jk! Love this post! You are so hilarious!! ROFL!!