Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scrolling Saturday---Eeewwwww!

Scrolling Saturday is a way to introduce older posts that flew under the radar -- you know, posts you wrote when only your mother was reading your blog.Brought to you by:
Manners and Moxie and Rock and Drool...Mom Gone Mental

(looks like I'm getting it in just under the gun here too!)

Ok, so I found this great idea of "scrolling saturdays" off of Imbeingheldhostage's blog.

I'm not too sure how to repost an old post. I know I just adjust the date on post options, but will it remove it from it's original position? Since I don't know, I'll just put the link to it here, so you can go check it out. Be warned though, if you've got a queasy tummy, you might want to skip it.


Anonymous said...

your blog works great and it is cute indeed.

Anonymous said...

Live that Story MikkI~
Gross & Hilarious!

♥ ya girl!

Leslie said...

I totally want to figure out the re-posting issues too! Hopefully somebody will address that. Thanks Mikki!

Kristina P. said...

What is it with kids and poop?

P.S. Did I tell you I love your blog layout?

Rod and LaDawn said...

I totally remember that post! Yup...That was kinda gross, but funny. One to tell their girlfriends when they're older. That's a sure fire way to keep them from playing kissy face for sure!