Thursday, October 2, 2008

Six Quirky Things

I got tagged by Leslie, to do these six quirky things.
I'm sure I have way more than six, but I'll try to contain myself.
Here goes:

1. When I do the dishes, there's a total soap opera going on in my head about the silverware. The knives are the male figures and the spoons and forks are female. I don't particularly care for the forks, I consider them to be the trampy type I guess. I NEVER put the forks next to the knives, unless it's the sharp knives (the more rough and tumble sort of male). The spoons, who are the sweet, delicate ladies always go next to the butter knives who are true gentlemen of course.
2. When I'm bored, I scratch my scalp, and then dig the dried up shampoo, dandruff, ?-whatever that residue is in there, out of my fingernails.
3. I have to sleep with the blankets pulled all the way up to my shoulders-whether I'm cold or hot--I just feel safer this way.
4. Whenever I suck on an Altoid peppermint, I sneeze.
5. I cannot actually "suck" on any hard candy for more than 5 seconds. I always end up chewing it.
6. Wow, I'm at six already?---- I have totally had dreams lately about some of the people out there in blogland.

Well, that's it.
Now, I'm supposed to tag someone else I suppose. I think this one has pretty much made it's rounds though. But, just for fun, I tag.....LaDawn and Richelle.


Anonymous said...

ha ha! you are awesome Mikki!!

Soap Opera at the Sink? I love it!!!

and i can't suck on hard candy very long, either!!! i have to BITE!

have i been in any of your dreams lately??? :P

Sher said...

That is cracking me up about the silverware!
I love the Toccata and Fugue you have playing. I learned to play that in high school, and have always wanted to go pound it out on the organ, but I'm afraid it might be a little irreverant for sacrament meeting.

tammy said...

Totally laughing at the silverware thing!

Laura said...

I hope the dreams involve me and George Clooney or Brad Pitt!

Amy J. said...

Your silverware love triangle is sooo funny! Where do you work that you are working on exhibits?

Anonymous said...

hahaaa!! Mikki...{your comment on my blog!!!}

and yes... actually Spencer gives me piggy-back rides very often!!!


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this silverware thingamajig. I think that may be yours, and yours alone Mikki! So funny.

I love this list going around.

the boyd family said...

i LOVE that silverware thing!!! that cracked me up, i am never going to be able to look at forks the same again!!! haha, trampy females!

Richelle said...

Love your soap opera, too funny! I have had dreams about people in blogland, too.

Shimmy Mom said...

I thought I was the only one that got that weird residue on my head!
I also sleep with the blankets pulled all the way up! I feel cold if they aren't.
And who sucks on candy!? It's much better to chew. That's what I tell myself anyway!
And the soap opera thing... that is hilarious! I laughed out loud and my kids all went "What?!" Luckily your Halloween music came on just then and they thought that's what I was laughing at so I didn't have to explain it.
Now I've been typing so long the Adams Family has come on and my whole family is singing it!
Good Times.

Rod and LaDawn said...

That's funny! A soap opera about silverware! It actually sounds more interesting than the ones on TV!

Spencer and Merrianne tagged me with this one (or something similar) and I still haven't gotten around to it. I've now been tripple tagged! I'm still trying to think of stuff that I can actually share that's not too embarassing!!!!!!

Leslie said...

I love the Silverware Soaps!

Thanks for playing Mikki!

tracytreehouse said...

isn't is funny how we will wait until someone else shares unusual stuff about themselves before we will? and then we will tell ALL! still laughing about the siverware.