Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, tomorrow is the day before Ashley's birthday and she wants to take treats to her class.
I'm totally on board. She suggested cupcakes or cookies, so I figured I'd make chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies.
I seemed to have forgotten that cookie baking isn't my forte'.
The evidence.....

Does somebody need new cookie sheets?
When the recipe says UNGREASED cookie sheets, and you know your cookie sheets SUCK, and stick--just grease 'em up anyway. That's what I should have done.
So, here I was trying to be all domestic and save a few bucks by baking them. Now, I'll probably end up buying 'em ready made anyway. We'll see how the rest turn out.

PS how do they get those cute little crumply cookies to turn out in the stores? Mine always look puffy. Not a fan of the puffy cookie.


Anonymous said...

Oh NooooO!!!!!

i always grease my pans.. not matter what!

*MARY* said...

I'm terrible at baking cookies, yours look better than mine.

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure that Martha Stewart's turn out like that ALL THE TIME!

Amy J. said...

You are sooo funny. Our kids school doesn't allow homemade goodies in the classroom anymore due to food allergies and cleanliness problems. I am a go-to mom but I love having the excuse to simply go pick something up at the store!

Mother Goose said...

hmmmm... I like puffy cookies. I like mine really cake like, but with a stiffer texture. You have to pull them just a tad early and they will be as flat as pancakes.

Sher said...

I've found that puffy cookies are from putting too much flour in, and flat one are from not enough flour, or from your butter being too soft.
Cold butter, the perfect amount of flour, and they turn out everytime!
Ask KJ, she is a cookie making expert!!

the boyd family said...

i don't care what goes wrong with the baking of cookies, THEY ARE ALWAYS YUMMY! too crispy, too soft, in a perfect circle, or in crumbs... i'll take them anyway!

thanks for that website, i'm on there right now... way cute stuff! i love it, i'll let you know if i go overboard :) i'll blame you to my husband, hehe.

Leslie said...

Try a different recipe! Some recipes are just puffy! Also...I love baking cookies with parchment paper on the cookie sheets. You can buy it in a roll (they will probably have it near the waxed paper and alum. foil). You can reuse the same sheet of parchment for several batches. The cookies won't stick and they just bake up nicer.


You're awesome Mikki!

tammy said...

DAng! I hate when stuff like that happens! I'd try a different recipe. I find they stay softer if you use shortening instead of butter, too.

Laura said...

I think you're soooo brave for showing us those cookies - LOL! Either buy a baking stone (they are super once they get conditioned), or get some Reynold's Release foil!

Rod and LaDawn said...

I feel ya sister! That's why I use stoneware to bake cookies. It's heavy as heck, but they always turn out great. BTW, my boys are loving the playlist selections! The Halloween song is the one that plays on the blow-up graveyard at Costco and they love that thing. They came running in hopes of seeing the "scary monster" as they call it! Now they're cracking up at the Adams Family!

Anonymous said...

I don't do cookies.
I make crêpes.
I have a meeeeeeeeeeeean recipe.
Want it?

Anonymous said...

my cookies turn out just like this every time! I find that if I close my eyes and have a tall glass of cold my handy...they are just as yummy! ;-)

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