Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday

Thought I'd just take the opportunity to flash back to past Halloween's .
Ashley's second Halloween. Her first one, she was only a couple weeks old, so of course we didn't do anything. She's the cute little pumpkin. My niece Raven, is teh adorable witchy-poo. I'm not sure what I was supposed to be, I just threw something on and tried to rat my hair a bit. And, Jon was some strange deathly thing.
Ashley as Bubbles, from the Power Puff Girls, she was three for this one. I was preggers with Haley and Jon and I didn't dress up. I'm not sure what we did the year before. I think we must have skipped it.

I can't find the rest of our pictures. I think they all must have been on the disk with like 1200 pictures on it, that got erased by sitting on top of our computer hard drive. :o( Anyway, this is Ashley as a vampire, and Haley as a cute witch. Year before last. Ashley as the devil, and Haley as Superman. That black hair paint was a pain in the butt to wash out of the bathtub.

And, last year. Jon was the grim reaper, Ashley was Vamptella (or some such name), Haley was (obviously) dark Spiderman, I was the Cat in the Hat, and Jason was Thing 1, Justin--Thing 2.


Amy said...

Love the cute Halloween pictures!

And, I love flashback Friday- such a fun idea. (maybe I've already told you that before... but I do!)

the boyd family said...

i enjoyed your flashback of halloween pics! i was just thinking about thing 1 and thing 2 last night. i'm debating on how much energy i want to put into halloween costumes this year (i get a break right! i need to gear up for christmas anyways).

i already have 2 cinderella costumes and they were minnie mouse last year so at least it's different, that would make life easier. but i could make the whole family little mermaid. matthew: king tritan, kylie: ariel, kacey: flounder, kadyn: sebastian. and i thought how you went all out and did thing 1 and 2 with your boys. and maybe i should strive to do something fun/creative too. but the girls will probably just be cinderellas. :)

Anonymous said...

MIKKI!! these pictures are AWESOME!!! i am glad you did this!!!!

what are you going to be this year?

Richelle said...

So fun! I love the thing 1 and thing 2.

tammy said...

Cute pics! I love Halloween!

imbeingheldhostage said...

YES. I am loving the Halloween tunes-- you rock, Mikki!

Cute cute scary wee-ones and I have been a "not sure what I was supposed to be" many times.. it seems to work, doesn't it?

Fun post. I want to stay around just to hear what comes on next, but I have kids that need to bathe...
Adams Family! That's it, I'm copying your playlist.

The Foulgers said...

Those are seriously cute pictures! You do such great Halloween costumes. I can't wait to see this yer's pictures!