Friday, September 19, 2008


Imbeingheldhostage is hosting a fall giveaway, with a catch.

She notes:
"There are people who come and go in our lives. Some are there for a long time, others just long enough to leave a permanent mark. I'd like to plaster the blog world with thank you letters. Thank you's to average everyday people who made a difference in your life at one time or another.Please write a blog post in the form of a "Thank you" letter. To someone that has passed through your life. They can be living or not so much so. They could've touched your childhood, or maybe they just entered."

So, here's my entry, done in hopes of winning some wonderful goodness from England, and to say thanks to a wonderful figure from my childhood.

Dear Mrs. Hardy,
I know, that's not your name anymore. You got married and it changed to something with a cat in it. But I can't remember what it was.
You were my first grade teacher, and I loved you so much! More than my kindergarten teacher, and how amazing is that? Everyone adores their kindergarten teacher. But, Ms. Gibson had nothing on you. With your beautfiul red hair, pretty face and sweet personality--she didn't stand a chance.
What was it about you that I adored so much? Was it how you would let me clean off your desk when I had finished my assignments? Or was it that you allowed us to rub your back? Perhaps it was chalkboard duty when you would leave the classroom for a few minutes. Oh to be the lucky child picked to wield the chalk and take down names of all the naughty students.
Perhaps it was because you were a truly beautiful individual both inside and out. You loved your students, and you loved teaching them.
Whatever it was, you helped instill in me a lifelong love of learning. Because of you I always wanted to teach the first grade. That hasn't ended up happening, but I still often think, that if I were to pursue teaching as a career, I would want to teach the first grade.
Thank you! Thank you for being you, for not being afraid to show your students that you cared for them. Thanks for being such a terrific teacher.


imbeingheldhostage said...

Perfect! You know my first thought of what post I would be doing is to a teacher as well. Teachers do not get the thanks they deserve! Bravo Mikki, thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

I think I am too sarcastic or cynical for this one but do you really think it was a sacrifice to let a child rub her back or clean her desk?????

Next thing you're gonne win the lotery and thanks people for accepting your money!

Sorry, Dr House and Patty Hewes are kicking in.

Laura said...

I don't remember my first grade teacher, so obviously she wasn't a good one like Mrs. Hardy! How funny that she would let you all rub her back! LOL!

Amy J. said...

What a fun idea for a giveaway! I used to love being the one to get chalkboard duty too!

Anonymous said...

the only grade that i can't remember is FIRST GRADE. crazy huh!!
love your post!!!!!