Monday, September 8, 2008

Todays Project

In the September 17 issue of Womans Day magazine, there's an article on organizing your 5 biggest trouble spots.

I love the first one the most, because this is my worst spot--it's the kitchen. Here's what the article suggests:

The Kitchen
Old way: The countertops aren’t just for food prep, they’re for paper prep too. “Everything gets done in the kitchen—bills, homework, birthday invitations, classroom forms—all while meals are being prepared,” says Heidi Karpa, broadband host for’s KitchenDesign. “The best thing you can do is give all that paper a new place to call home.”
New way: Turn one of your kitchen cabinets into the Household Nerve Center. Stock it with mail and other paperwork that used to clutter your countertops.
How to organize: “Pick a cabinet and empty it,” says Karpa. Then install a bulletin or magnetic board on the inside of the door. It’s the perfect place for phone numbers, schedules and need-to-see papers.
On the lowest shelf, place stackable boxes, labeled by name for each family member. This acts as a delivery center for permission forms, reminders and mail. On the second shelf, corral must-have items: pens, pencils and scissors go in a mug, bills in a letter holder, stamps in a see-through plastic container. On the top shelf, place a plastic-sheet binder of important papers, labeled on the spine, alongside directories and phone books. Use bookends to keep everything upright.
Not allowed: Schedules, papers or forms that you also have on your computer. You can always look at the digital version as needed.

Ok, here are my before shots that I'm going to use to implement this plan.
The cupboard that I hope to renovate,
currently being used for recipe books,
odd & ends, and as the medicine cabinet:

The bill drawer:The paper pile:

I intend to make a few changes to the plan of course to suit my particular needs. I'll post the after shots, well after. Wish me luck! What'll probably end up happening is that I'll have to empty out more than one cupboard in order to make room for what's in this cupboard. Which isn't all bad, because then I'll have all my cupboards reorganized. :o)


Dolly said...

Amazing Mikki-because mine look exactly like yours...I'll take pictures too! Can't wait for the after-shot :)

tammy said...

Oh.My.Gosh. What a fabulous idea to put all those papers in a cupboard!! Hello? Why didn't I think of that? I am so going to get off the computer right this minute to go work on that. Thanks for that tip!

Laura said...

Good luck, and when you're done, can you come over and do mine? Everything looks like my house except anything you have that is baby related! By the way - LOVE the cute pics on the right you added, and your banner is cracking me up! Now the real question - what do you do with the STUFF that is currently in the cabinet? LOL!

Rod and LaDawn said...

I wish I was as motivated as u cause my house really needs some organization!!! You go girl!!!!!

jamieBEE said...

Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!! you are awesome! I am looking forward to the afters

Lene said...

My kitchen really needs reorganized. Well not all of it, but the spot by the phone where all those papers collect...ugh

Anonymous said... are inspiring me! I need to get with the program & clean so when Spencer comes home Saturday night, he will be so happy looking at the Sparkling Clean house!!!!!

thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Richelle said...

Good luck! That looks like a good project to work on!

Sher said...

I'm beyond hope when it comes to organizing things. So, I just have put it off indefinitely.

I like your new layout!