Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scatterbrained Saturday

OK, the idea for Scatterbrained Saturday came from Merrianne (private). Hope she doesn't mind me stealing it. I'm using it as a sort of random list of things I think or do or whatever.

So, I can now do 5 pushups in a row! GO ME!!! Is that pathetic or what? Now lest you think I'm really, really bad--that's 5 of the hard guy ones, not the modified, easy girl ones. I can do lots more of the girl ones. Maybe I should just switch to the girlie ones though, I'd feel lots better about myself. What do you think?
My job is sooooo boring. I even started to write a poem about it, but it's too boring to post. :o)
The good thing about my boring job, is that it's quiet. It's the only quiet time I get.
Jason and Justin are both walking all over the place. They're just so stinkin' cute. They keep us in stitches. They're even climbing up on things now. I must be ever vigilant.
I've begun working on an array of scripture totes. Give me a month or so to build up a small inventory, and then I think I'll be opening up an Etsy store. I just need to figure out how much to sell them for. What do you think would be reasonable? I want to do a large and a small version.
I just feel really great today. I was on my way into work this morning, and I just felt the overwhelming power of Gods lYve for me. Every day is a gift, and we really need to embrace it. We have so much power to do good, and serve others. It doesn't even need to be a grand gesture. A simple smile, a small act of service or compassion.
I think I'm really getting into the power of positive thinking. I started getting my monthly migraine at work last night (other people get cramps, irritability, I get migraine's). These usally end up with me bent over the toilet, excavating the contents of my stomache. But, I told myself it wasn't going to beat me, that it was going away. I popped a couple advil (which don't usually help my migraine's) and it went away. :o)
I've had some great discussions with my boss about the power of thought, and I really believe it is true. So, guard your thoughts!!!
Well, that's enough randomness for today. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!! Z


Sher said...

You have inspired me today. I agree with the power of positive thinking...but it's easier said than done.
And way to go on the push ups. I honestly don't think I could even do 2 "real" pushups.

Anonymous said...

you are AWESOME mikki!!! seriously.

and being able to do ANY pushups is a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!! keep up the good work...your Boobs will thank you in the long run!!! TRUST ME!!!

and wow...what a great example you are!!! i need to be thinking more postively more often!!!!

Laura said...

Three cheers for your push-up efforts! And check out other similar totes on Etsy and Ebay to help you figure out your price point. Every day is a gift - thanks for reminding us!

Dolly said...

Mikki-as soon as I read your post...I dropped to the carpet and did six push-ups. Kills the wrists, but I can do it too:) Love your totes-they are so cool!