Thursday, September 18, 2008

To do today

  • make yard sale signs a
  • wash car seat covers a
  • do an additional 1.5 loads of laundry
  • begin ticketing stuff a
  • make lemonaid stand signs a
  • purchase lemon-aid mix or lemons--NOT! (and maybe a container to serve it from?) a
  • get change for yard sale a
  • balloons? for yard sale? a
  • check on yard sale permit a
  • dinner? what's that? --Pizza hut-most def.
  • post yard sale signs before going to bed a
  • go to bed

do you have any great yard sale tips?


The Foulgers said...

How fun you are having a yard sale. I should probably be having one too! I'm just to lazy, I'll probably run all my stuff over to DI. Hopefully yours goes well and you make lots of cash!:)

Anonymous said...

MIKKI!!!i wish i could go to your YARD SALE!!!!!

Sher said...

My Cousin Natalie is like a professional yard-saler. You should talk to her.
I don't know how to put a link in a comment, so here is her address:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"do you have any great yard sale tips?"

Here we don't have shoes hanging from trees and we don't have yard sales.
But we have wine and stinky cheese.

I did something great tonight: I ordered pizzas for me and my sister.

What so big about it?

Well, most won't deliver to my neighborhood because it is a little too dangerous. But this new place opened up by the school I work in and they have been around my city for at least 20 years. They already know my neighborhood and they're not scared of it. They're tough! They don't fear the people here! They have huge pizzas for cheap and they're good. They are everything I look for ;o)

Amy said...

Last yard sale I had I put the little circle dots on items- each color was for a certain price. And I had an apron on with change and extra dots... it worked great for me. Good luck!

Lene said...

No tips for yard sales. Can't bring myself to do all that work. I ebay the good stuff and the rest goes to DI.

Richelle said...

I've never done a yard sale, but I like to go to yard sales! Just make sure you have good signs that are readable and have arrows leading to your house from the main roads. That is how I find most yard sales I go to. Have fun!

Amy J. said...

If I didn't live so far away I would come to your yard sale. I hope you make lots and lots of money and get rid of tons of stuff!

Can I just say I LOVE your Bear post! It is perfect in every way. I think I will join you in the bear life.

Laura said...

Oh, they are so much work, and I hope you make a lot of money!

Amanda said...

Sell everything CHEAP! That is what worked for me. But I;ll never have another yard sale. Way too much work!

the boyd family said...

good luck with the yard sale... i assume it's today and i'm late with any tips i have... my thought, buy 3 things, get the 4th half off/free type of deal. hope it's going good!!!