Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three things...more like I've tried 3 times to get this post to publish correctly!

I was tagged last week by Rebecca and I am now just getting to it.

3 Joys:
1. My family
2.the twins' naptime-'nuff said
3. catching up with all my blogging buddies

3 Fears:
1. not being around for my kids
2. never making it to the temple
3. not being prepared

3 Goals:
1. Lose about 30 pounds-although the real goal here is to eat better and get more exercise.
2. get my house completely cleaned and organized
3. start saving money

3 Current Obsessions:
1. sewing scripture totes
2. Blogging
3. learning about digital scrapbooking

3 Random/Surprising Facts:
1. I love Margarita's--don't drink them (anymore), but I still love them
2. I love digging around in dirt--I'm not exactly a green thumb, but I love planting flowers. Eventually they die due to lack of care :o(
3. I easily drink 2-liters of Pepsi a day! (yikes!)

OK, I tag...whoever wants to do it. (I know, a total copout--sorry).


tammy said...

Great list!

Mmmm....margaritas...mine was fuzzy navels. Oh well, we can have the virgin kind now, right?

I have the same fears you do. And the same goal of losing 30 pounds. Can we do that while blogging?

Anonymous said...

love the list MIKKI!!!!! you are awesome!!!!!!

Laura said...

Be sure to check out and look at their photo albums. I've made several - they are fun to do, and a "sort of" digital scrapbooking. You put it together, and then they print it and send it to you - they are very professional and in "book" format!

the mama hood said...

I loved reading more about you! Have a wonderful weekend!