Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music, music--beautiful music

Music is so powerful!!!
funny story...
I was at work Friday night, and I was the last person to leave, as usual. I have to close the store, count the registers, prepare the deposit--yada, yada.
Well, in the exhibit I work at, there are several different cd's that play different music simultaneously for effect. Well when the exhibit supervisor left, she turned off all but one of the cd's, and it happens to be the one that I think is the creepiest. The walls between the store and the exhibit don't go all the way up, so I can hear the music in the distant background, and it was so spooky. Now, I knew it was just the cd playing, and I don't believe the exhibit is haunted or anything, (although we're dealing with dead people's artifacts here, so who knows--right?), and I don't think I'm very sensitive to that sort of thing anyway IF there's any truth to it. But, man, did I get spooked!! I could not wait to finish up what I had to do and get the heck out of there.
I also notice that the music I play in my car helps determine my driving demeanor. If I'm listening to calming, soothing church or classical music, I'm much more realaxed in my driving. If there's harder rock music, or even country music playing, I'm not as easy going. I drive a bit more aggessively I think, and am more likely to make nasty comments about the other drivers abilites.
Weekday mornings are often wrought with stress for me, trying to get the kids up, fed, the babies dressed, and the girls off to school all within an hour or so timespan. Some days I have to make their lunches, always have to help Haley brush her hair, help Ashley with her tennis shoes--you know, all the usual stuff. And those are the good days, there are days like the one last week, when we're down to twenty minutes 'til the school bell rings, and I walk into the girls' room and they're both still in their pj's playing on their beds---then the screaming begins--Monster Mom comes out to play. Not a pretty sight.
I usually watch the Today show in the mornings, trying to catch up on current events. I'm thinking that this might not be the best choice. Since I know what an impact music can have on the soul, perhaps I ought to pop in a church cd, or some other uplifting music to start off the day. I'm sure squeezing some personal prayer in there would help too.
So, this is my goal for this week--Turn of the tube no later than 7:30, when the girls get up, and pop in an uplifting cd. See if it makes a difference.


Laura said...

Loving your spooky ghosts to go with that spooky music you heard. Blog looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

your blog looks great Mikki!!!!!

and spoooky story!!! :-}


music sets my mood, too! funny how that happens, huh!?! if a fast ROCK ON song comes on in the car, automatically speed up!!!

tammy said...

I think music can affect us, whether positively or negatively. And I would have been freaking out too with that spooky music and being all alone. Sometimes in the car, I just have to turn all the music off and enjoy the quiet. It gives me time to think.

Shimmy Mom said...

I totally agree, Music sets the mood for everything. I love to listen to fast, dance type music when I'm cleaning, it gets me moving faster. It's also the EASIEST way to invite the spirit. I have a quote that I painted in my living room, it was found on an old opera house wall that read:

Bach gave us God's word
Mozart gave us God's laughter
Beethoven gave us God's fire
God gave us music that we may pray without words.

Lene said...

Isn't it amazing how music can set the tone around us. Even when my kids are playing video games with music that is just 'too much' it make a difference in our home.

Maybe I should try some music in the morning to get my kiddos up and going. I hate starting the day as 'screaming Mom'.

Richelle said...

Music is an amazing mood setter. Sounds like a good idea to start the day off right!

BTW, I love they new background, but your blog is kind of messed up for me. I don't know if it is just my browser? (firefox) or what? There is code on the top, the text takes up the whole page (not within the regular margins) and all the side margin stuff is on the bottom.

the boyd family said...

that is so funny you'd say that... i've just noticed that if i play music, i'm in a better mood. i think i'm calmer, happier, i just realized that today... we must be on the same wavelength or something :)

(ps- i spook really easily)

Good N Crazy said...

Whoa? Did I do that to your blog? Are you in the middle of big changes or what?

Anonymous said...

It's so true! I can't wait to hear how your soothing week goes.

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

That's a great idea--music really does set the mood. Hope it helps calm the morning chaos!