Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(whispering) I haven't tried the WW yet, but thought I'd give it a shot today.


Anonymous said...

ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! that is hilarious!!!!

the mama hood said...

My son has that condition daily, it's called cereal butt! lol!
LOVE YOUR WW! TOO CUTE!! Thanks for stopping on by! Come enter my contest~

Good N Crazy said...

I sort of hate WW, who can put up a picture of their toddler with Trix on their butt and NOT write about it! NOT ME. Try for wordFUL wednesday instead!

And...oh my heck, thanks for the DOUBLE comment last night! And THANKS for the complimentss! WhaHoo! After leaving Utah, I don't have as much reason to make the smaller of my 3 sizes (for scripture bags) so you go girl, if you need help let me know. I can tell you 14 thousand places to get GREAT fabric. Do you have pictures of your work? I can't see a link to your shopblog.

As for mine that would take a whole email of it's own. Send me your real email address and we can talk 'shop'!

Leslie said...

Mwahahahaha! I love it!

Laura said...

How funny - I didn't know if it was candy or cereal - still edible - you just carry it with you until you get hungry!

Dolly said...

"Trix-Snacks for the Road!" it!! I'm inspired by this picture :)

*Drop by my birthday party-I have a gift to giveaway!

Sher said...

OMGoodness! HAAA HAAA *snort* HAAA HAAA *snort*
(p.s. I snort when I laugh really hard)
You what is weird, is that this EXACT thing happened at my house yesterday.
I was babysitting my 18 mo. old neice, and she pulled Peter's bowl of Trix off the counter onto her head, then we gave her a bag of trix in the car (to take monkey's to preschol) and she dumped the whole thing in her carseat, and they were stuck to her bum when we got out!

So stinkin' funny!

p.s. I can't to WW, because I talk way too much.

Shimmy Mom said...

Too cute. I think all us moms have seen that one before. hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...


Rod and LaDawn said...

Too funny!!!!! Perfect shot for a Wordless Wednesday. Was he just storing snacks for later?!? Tell him he's supposed to store them in his other cheeks like a proper little critter!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Hi there! I saw you over on Any friend of Carissa is a friend of mine, so I thought I'd stop by for a visit. What a cute masthead you have.

And... love the WW pic. I couldn't be wordless to save my life, so I ended up joining the Wordful Wednesday group. Either way... love to see everyone's pics this day of the week. Aren't baby bums the best. Covered in Trix? That is even better!

Richelle said...

That is too funny!